Prayer for Travail in Agriculture

We Worship you

Holy Spirit, I worship You together with the Father and the Son as the third Person in the Divine Trinity (Matthew 28:19; 2 Corinthians 13:14). You are the Spirit of God and of Christ (Joel 2:28-29; 1 Corinthians 3:16 and Romans 8:9). I worship you as the One who gave me a new, reborn life. Thank You for living in me and being the guarantee that I will receive all that God has promised. I worship You as the One who teaches me and instructs me in the truth of Jesus Christ. I worship You as the One who makes what Jesus accomplished at Golotha a reality in my life. I worship You as the One who changes me day by day to reflect the image of Christ more and more.

We Invite You

Holy Spirit, I am in travail for the agricultural industry until Christ-likeness is formed in every farmer and the Kingdom of Christ is visible in agriculture. Therefore I ask, Spirit of God, that You come awaken new life in the agricultural community and that many farmers would be born again. Come move over the territory of Africa and give birth to God’s plan for agriculture in Africa. Come create new life and extraordinary fruitfulness in the land. Spirit of God, come reveal to us what God’s will is for agriculture in the 21st century. Come give us a vision of what God wants it to look like. Raise up leaders in agriculture who see Your vision and are willing and qualified by You to lead Living and Farming God’s Way. Come teach us step by step what God’s way really means.

May You Have Your Way in Agriculture

May God’s Way not be reduced to a slogan, but rather may God awaken in us the desire to really live and farm this way! Come and make everything new! May the land in Africa praise God greatly because the farmers look after it with love and use it responsibly. May the ground show its thankfulness by producing in abundance and may everyone who eats its harvest taste God’s goodness. May every nation praise you for food from Africa! Spirit of God, please give birth to the full meaning of Living and Farming God’s Way now. Make it a reality. Amen. So it shall be! We believe it!

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