Prayer for Land Reform

Prayer for Land Reform

Lord, we worship You.  All the land belongs to You and You teach us to farm (Leviticus 25:23; Psalm 24:1 en Isaiah 28:23-29).  We acknowledge that You have the right to give your land to whom you choose.  Teach all of us in Africa to be good stewards of your land.  Teach us to live and work together in love and harmony so that we may experience your blessings (Psalm 133).


Please give us the right attitude and grant us the knowledge and wisdom we need to plan, fund and manage land reform in Southern Africa to your glory and to the benefit of all her people.  Father, help the farming community, organised agriculture, government, churches, the private sector and Amos Agrimin to work together in harmony.  Help us to listen to and to be honest with each other.  Let us take others interests to heart.  Help us to participate in the discussion with integrity and to trust each another more each day.


Protect the land reform process.  Keep it on track so that we will not end up in misery and famine. Destroy the plans of the Evil One to derail the process.


Please take care of those who are afraid and uncertain, of those who have suffered injustice or who feel aggrieved.  Show your love and be merciful to all who are suffering.


May your good Spirit teach land owners.  Teach us to do the right thing at the right time and in the right way (cf. Isaiah 28:23-29)!  Grant everyone the wisdom and the grace to live on, work and conserve your land to your glory (Genesis 1:28 and 2:15).


Bless the people of Africa.  Bless the fruit of Africa’s labour so that no-one will go hungry.  Feed and take care of Africa by the labour of our hands.  Help all of us to serve God by serving Africa instead of trying to make Africa serve us.  Bless our farming community so that we will be a blessing to Africa.  Please hear our prayers and grant us your peace.  We ask all this in the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.   AMEN


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