Name and Logo

The name, AMOS, is derived from the Bible.  Amos was a prophet and farmer of the Old Testament. As prophet, he warned against formalistic religiosity, and all kinds of exploitation and injustice of the day.  Accordingly God’s children are encouraged not to be merely religious, but to live according to His will 24 hours of every day(24/7).  The word Agrimin is an abbreviation for Agricultural Ministries.

The AMOS logo is rich in symbolism.  The name is prominently printed.  The windmill symbolizes agriculture.  The windmill provides water and brings life and prosperity to the farm.  We at AMOS acknowledge Jesus Christ
(red cross), as the source of Living Water (blue stream flowing from the cross). He is the One without whom an abundant life is impossible. With this logo, we also acknowledge our dependence on the mighty working of the Holy Spirit, just like the windmill depends on the wind.

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