Amos AgriminLiving and Farming God’s Way

Amos Agrimin is a Christian, multi-racial, inter-denominational, agricultural organisation, focusing on ministry and the empowerment of the agricultural community of South Africa and Africa.

Amos Agrimin is a Kingdom ministry focusing on the transformation of the agricultural community in South Africa and Africa. We are Christian, multi-racial and inter-denominational. We have been called to serve.

AMOS does not work alone but tries to involve other Kingdom partners (including Christian churches) to help train and develop the agricultural community. The Kingdom of God is greater than agriculture and greater than the church. God uses various different organisations, ministries and community associations to establish the Kingdom everywhere. He uses the church, agriculture, banking, education, government, etc. In the agricultural community He is also using AMOS.

The core business of Amos Agrimin

We want to see the  Kingdom of God manifested in the  agricultural community.


our mission

We actively work towards the
transformation agricultural communities in Africa by restoring and building
relationships with God, people and
creation to reflect the Kingdom of God.

help & support

We cannot do this without your support. Click here to find out how you can become involved.

our publications

We publish a variety of publications covering an annual prayer focus, devotions, and other training material to develop farms to its God ordained potential.

Statement of Faith

We believe in the Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in the Bible as the inspired, true Word of God.
We believe that people can be redeemed by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that all who are redeemed should be Living and Farming God’s Way in gratitude and obedience to their Saviour and Lord, for 24 hours out of 24, seven days a week (24/7).

Living and Farming God’s Way

Our vision is simple: Living and Farming God’s Way

We firmly believe that it was the Lord who revealed the vision to us on the 13th of August 1993. Therefore we may never disobey it (Acts 26:19).

  • is only possible when the relationship between God and people has been restored in and through Christ (Romans 8:7-8 en Hebrews 11:6);
  • means continually growing in this new, restored relationship – growing in knowledge and an understanding of what the Bible teaches about God, people, creation, labour and time;
  • is implicitly believing the above truths and demonstrating this belief by the way you live and farm.

We firmly believe that Living and Farming God’s way  involves:

  • The command to focus on agriculture and on Africa;
  • To include the entire agricultural community: employers and employees, men, women and children of all races, and commercial- and subsistence farmers;
  • Christ remains at the centre. He must be the King of agriculture;
  • Africa must feed herself. Therefore training is essential, whether it is practical training (like hand skills), farming practices (like Foundations for Farming) or soft skills (like problem-solving) ;
  • Discipleship: Teach people to teach people to teach people. This is more in line with Scripture, more effective and cheaper than making use only of full-time paid trainers.
    Read 2 Timothy 2:2.