Day 39 – Lord, position me for intimacy with You

Read:      Mark 1:32-39, and Luke 5:16 & 6:12

Pray:     Lord, (re)position me to realise our calling, for intimacy with You and for financial freedom.


When you quickly want something from the Father you can pray about it on the run.  There are many examples of this in the Bible (Nehemiah 2:4, 4:4, 5:19, 9:9b & 14, Luke 18:13 & 23:42, and John 11:41-42).  But intimacy with God is something else.  Intimate relationships demand quality time for communication so that you will really get to know and trust each other.  You cannot build an intimate relationship with someone on the run.  Similarly, you cannot build an intimate relationship with God by praying on the run.  You need an intimate relationship with God first.  Then, based on your relationship, you can pray on the run when you need to do so.

Jesus regularly spent a lot of time with the Father in prayer.  His prayers definitely weren’t long lists of His immediate needs or an endless repetition of words.  The fact that He was always in communication with His Father reveals His need for intimacy with His Father.

You and I must dwell before the throne not only because we want much, but for the sake of an intimate relationship with our Father.  Intimacy is about the joy and excitement of being in God’s presence.  It is about a personal relationship with Him.  Intimacy presupposes you and the Father alone in conversation, talking and listening to each other, discussing your character and your calling, getting to know Him as He really is – His nature and character.  The more time we spend in His presence and company, the more we will start to behave and think the way He does;  the more we will reflect His image and character.

Dwell before the throne requesting the Lord to keep (re)positioning you for greater intimacy with Him.  Ask Him to move your mind and your body.  Ask Him to make you think anew on intimacy with Him and the necessity of often spending extended periods of time in prayer.  Ask Him to change everything that needs to be changed so that you can spend a few hours alone with Him from time to time – even a day or so praying and fasting.  You and I really need it.


Prayer:      Lord God, take me out of the hustle and bustle of life, and take the hustle and bustle of life out of me.  Reposition me for greater intimacy with You so that I will get to know You better, will reflect more of You, bear more fruit and find more joy in dwelling before the throne.


Dwell before the throne with the prayer that the LORD will transform the agricultural community of Africa into a praying community.  Pray for greater intimacy with Him so that His image and character will be reflected in all of us more and more.


Pray for Africa:  Focus on the agricultural community of Seychelles and Madagascar.


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