Day 38 – Lord, position me to realise my calling

Read:      John 17:4, and Acts 20:24 and 2 Timothy 4:7

Pray:     Lord, (re)position me to realise my calling, for intimacy with God and for financial freedom.

Jesus and Paul could both look back on their lives and gratefully say that they had realised their calling.  But what about you and me?

Firstly, we must remember that all Christians have been called for full-time service to the Lord, no matter their job or circumstances.  Nobody is called for part-time service.  You are in full-time service to the King (Colossians 3:17 & 3:23-24) whether you are a farmer or a labourer, or a minister or a pastor.  By His Spirit, God enables people to preach and to be skilful with their hands (Exodus 35:30 to 36:1, and 36:8).  God also teaches His farmers to farm successfully (Proverbs 27:23-27 and Isaiah 28:23-29).

There are many challenges in agriculture.  There is so much distress and suffering in rural areas.  The Lord wants to reveal so many new things to us.  So many aspects of His Kingdom must be reflected in agriculture.  So many relationships need to be restored and developed.  This is the Lord’s work and He calls ordinary people, agriculturalists like you and me, to do it for Him.  But we need to get out of our comfort zone, because our comfort zone keeps us from answering His call.  Therefore God needs to (re)position us so that we will be able to realise our calling.

You need to fulfil your calling each day – otherwise you won’t be able to look back on your life when it is over and say that you have done what the Lord wanted you to do.  Therefore, you must dwell before the throne with this prayer because your calling will not be fulfilled until the day you die.

When God puts you in a position to realise your calling, He usually does two things:  He shifts your mind and He shifts your body.  Ask Him to do so.  Ask Him to change your thoughts and to give you spiritual eyes to see things differently.  Perhaps He will give you radically new thoughts, or perhaps He will give you a new perspective on something small.  Perhaps He will show you something you have always missed.  Ask Him to shift your body to where He wants to use you now.  You may be in the wrong place and/or the wrong job, and/or among the wrong people, and/or caught up in the wrong circumstances.  (I do not mean that your place, job, people or circumstances are sinful.  I merely mean that you might not be where the Lord wants to use you now.)  He might move you far away or maybe only a few metres.  It does not matter.  Just obey Him and move.

The Lord has repositioned my family and me a few times and each time it has helped us to realise our calling better.  I learned one thing in the process:  I am safer in the will of the Lord than in my own comfort zone.


Prayer:      Father, I want to live my calling and bear much fruit every day.  Keep moving me where you want me to be and daily determine the circumstances in which I am best able to do it.  Take away my fear of change.


Dwell before the throne with the prayer that the LORD will (re)position you and your family to enable you to realise your calling.  Pray that He will take you out of your comfort zone so that you will be of more service to His Kingdom and will bear much fruit.


Pray for Africa:  Focus on the agricultural community of Tunisia and Libya.


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