Day 34 – Teach me what I must know

Read:      Matthew 5:1 & 7:28-29

Pray:     Lord, show me what I must see today;
                Teach me what I must learn;
                Tell me what I must do, and
                Make me what I must be – your Image!

The Lord showed me something.  I sat outside a school and noticed that every child carried a suitcase with textbooks, pens and pencils and notebooks.  Clearly, they were all learners.  I saw the same at a university.  Students attend class with books, paper and computers.  But then I went to church.  Most churchgoers arrived empty handed.  They did not come prepared to learn.  Every time I see this at church I think about what Isaiah 54:13 says, namely, All your sons will be taught by the Lord, ….  Then I pray that it will also become true in every little town and on every farm – that we will all be learners of the Lord.

Are you still a learner?  Do you sit in the Lord’s class each day?  Do you learn from the One who knows everything (Psalm 94:10 and Romans 11:33-36)?  There are so many incomprehensible things He wants to teach you (Jeremiah 33:3).  He wants to teach you to do the right thing at the right time and in the right way on the farm (Isaiah 28:23-29).  Make time and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you (John 14:26 and 1 John 2:26-27).

Do not be surprised if the Lord teaches you things you have never thought of.  It has happened to me.  Though small, our farming business has two branches.  In the Northern Cape we farm with sheep and a couple of cattle, and in the Free State, our son farms with vegetables.  We initially rented land for farming vegetables.  The Lord led us to sell our house in Mimosa Park and to buy a small piece of land near Bloemfontein.  It was a difficult instruction that we had to obey in faith.  Then two things went wrong.  The purchase of the farm went through, but the sale of our property did not.  The second setback was hail.  One Monday morning, Jaco picked the first 45 crates of peppers of what seemed to be a very promising harvest.  That afternoon Bain’s Vlei was struck by a devastating hailstorm.  There was nothing left.  We found ourselves in a severe crisis –  a test of our faith.

With a heavy heart I left Bloemfontein one afternoon.  Suddenly I heard a voice in my mind.  It said, Hennie, why not go drinking?  The idea sounded very attractive and I immediately thought of a couple of other things I could do on the way to the bottle store.  I wanted to give in to every possible temptation, from murder to…  Let’s rather leave it at that.

I got a terrible fright and leapt straight back into the arms of my strong Saviour.  Many intense discussions with God followed.  He taught me how much I need Jesus every day.  I wrote everything down to make quite sure that I would never forget it.  You see, we Christians think only heathens, bad people need Jesus.  We are quick to forget that if God were to remove His hand of grace from us for just an instant, we would be finished.  I could have destroyed my life, my family, our farming business and my testimony in five minutes flat.

I thank my Lord Jesus!  It was a painful experience, but He taught me a great deal and it turned into a wonderful experience of growth for our family.  That day He helped and protected me.  More than that, He also provided for us in a wonderful way during this difficult period.  He is the Lord who provides (cf. Genesis 22:13-14).

I want to encourage you to dwell before the throne and to keep praying:  Teach me what I must know!  Let Him decide on what syllabus you and I need because we do not know.  There is so much more that He wants to teach us.  What a privilege to be taught by the Lord Himself.


Prayer:      Lord, I want to be your pupil.  Set the syllabus.  Help me to jump at every chance I get to learn from You.


Dwell before the throne  with this morning prayerPray it for all leaders – agricultural, political, community, traditional and church leaders.  Pray with the conviction that the Father is listening to you because your relationship with Him is as perfect as His relationship with Jesus.


Pray for Africa:  Focus on the agricultural community of Mauritania, Western Sahara and Morocco, in West Africa.


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