What is Amos?

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Amos Agrimin is a Kingdom ministry focussing on the transformation of the agricultural community in South Africa and Africa. We are Christian, multi-racial and inter-denominational. We have been called to serve.

 does not work alone but tries to involve other Kingdom partners (including Christian churches) to help train and develop the agricultural community. The Kingdom of God is greater than agriculture and greater than the church. God uses various different organisations, ministries and community associations to establish the Kingdom everywhere. He uses the church, agriculture, banking, education, government, etc. In the agricultural community He is also using Amos.

Formulating the Vision

present-box QuestionAt first we called ourselves Project Amos. The legal entity was Amos Trust. In August 2001 a Section 21 company called Amos Agrimin was registered and work continued under this name.

The name Project Amos was discarded because the word project implies that there is a beginning and an end. We don’t, however, envisage an end to the ministry of Amos Agrimin . 

Living and Farming God’s Way is not a project or a slogan. It is a 24/7 lifestyle!

Why Amos?

HowWe proclaim the whole Word of God to farmers, teaching them to apply it to their lives and thereby equipping them to live and farm as God's farmers with God's people on God's land to God's glory fulltime (24/7 ).
Unbelief makes it impossible to do what God wants. Therefore it is important to Amos to lead people to Christ so that they may be reconciled to God. Then they must be educated in the Word. If not, they will accept Jesus as their Saviour but keep living according to the warped ideas and convictions of the world they are used to (cf. Romans 12:1-2). Knowledge of the will of God is not enough. Knowledge should become life skills and a lifestyle. If not, people have not learned anything.

 On the 13th August 1993 the Lord revealed the Amos vision to us on the farm Swartwater near Memel.

Later that month, three of us shared the vision with Mr Mike Hageman, chief manager of SmithKline Beecham Animal Health in Johannesburg. None of us knew him, but we had heard that he was a Christian who lived his testimony in the workplace. We knew that God would have to do all the convincing for us because Amos had not yet done anything that could provide proof of success. Politically it was just before the first general election in 1994 – a very uncertain period in time. It was also extremely dry. At the end of the discussion, Mike Hageman commented, The Spirit of the Lord who lives in you and also in me has convinced me that this is God’s cause. I will see what I can do. A month later SmithKline Beecham Animal Health gave Amos a cheque for R76 000 for starting capital. Later, before the company was taken over by another company, they gave Amos another R15 000. These gifts were an initial miracle performed by God. The Spirit of the Lord did the convincing and created an atmosphere of trust.

SmithKline Beecham (Animal health) donated the starting capital. On the photo, mr Mike Hageman hands the cheque to Amos. The enthusiasm with which the farming community became involved confirms the need for Amos' products and services.Amos has expanded into an international organisation. The entire farming community on a number of farms is being served in co-operation with Christian churches, agricultural, mission and other organisations.